And the sea doesn’t care…

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One thing can hardly be hidden when looking at my pictures: I’m in love, in love with the sea! And even though I love the sea, one thing is pretty clear to me: the sea doesn’t care about that.

But what could be better than looking out at the sea, feeling the wind on your face and let it ruin your hairstyle? Watching the wind shaping the clouds above the water and waiting for the moment when the sun breaks through the clouds for a brief moment and shines on the water.

What could be better than sitting there for hours and looking out into the distance? Every wave rushes differently, sometimes gently and quietly, sometimes with so much power and energy, that heavy ships are shaken really hard and the wind blows so hard in your face, that it’s difficult to breathe.

What could be better than looking at the colors of the sea, the movements, the waves, the blue of the water and the blue of the sky, the color of the sunset, all these lines and symmetries – everything comes back and yet its somehow different every time.

What could be better than looking at the sea, be free for a moment and forget everything?

Every day we rush through our life with a rapid pace, on and on, faster and faster. Driven by things like responsibility, money and those stupid commitments. Just do this quickly and do that quickly. Everything has to happen now, right now!

This all doesn’t matter to the sea. It has been there for millions of years behaves to the same physical laws and principles – nothing has ever changed it. And no matter how strong the storm was and how long it lasts: At some point, the sun rises again on the horizon and shines on the water. Always!

Actually, we should listen more to the sea. It shows us what it feels like to enjoy, to breath and sometimes to “step down a gear”. And even if it’s just for a short moment.

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