The smell of Salt and Sea… A short trip along Denmarks beautiful coastline

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The best trips are the ones that are not planned and just happens. Just go where the road leads you, where the sun shines and the waves are, follow the wind and not any plans. So we did in spring. We had a week off and decided to drive up with our VW van to Denmark, that’s all we had planned.

We started this trip on the north sea coast of Denmark and drove all the way up to Skagen – where the north sea and the Baltic sea meet. The most northern part of continental Denmark. If you haven’t seen this place, you definitely need to go there. It’s amazing, it’s dramatic, it’s calm. Long and white sand beaches, waves that come from all sides. I love this place, especially when the wind blows so hard that the sand hitting your skin feels like little needle prints and it’s sometimes hard to breathe.

When we traveled here, it was not really warm, not even spring, but the sun was mostly shining – together with a strong and ongoing wind that lasts for days. It was one of the strongest storms this spring.

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