Maybe a website is like a good single malt ...the longer it matures, the better it gets

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I can’t tell you how long I have worked on this website.

I had it nearly finished, then I trashed it because I didn’t like the overall concept and design. I wrote blog posts that were way too long with so many unimportant facts that you can’t even find on Wikipedia. I had images selected but didn’t like the selection after a while, I had stories created where I didn’t have enough images so that this page looks misplaced for a photography blog. I gave up completely a couple of times and didn’t touch the website for months just to get a clear vision – and whenever I started to work on it, I hated it even more and started from scratch.

But I remember when I first tried the 12-year-old Highland Park Whisky from the Orkneys. With no doubt, it was a good Single Malt – until the day I tried the 18-year-old Highland Park. What a difference! After that, you will never ever drink the 12-year-old again. It’s unbelievable what additional 6 years in a wooden cask can create.

Maybe this website is like a good matured Whisky, the longer it last, the better it gets. But at some point, it’s about the time to open the cask, fill some of it into a glass, add a drop of water and take a deep breath of it before you take the first sip. That’s what I just did, I opened the cask and released this website to the public. Now it’s about the time that you take a deep breath of it, enjoy my photographs and read the short stories and quotes around it.

But I know, tastes are different. So I don’t expect that everybody likes this site…but please give it a try…please be part of my baby and let me share my visions with you. And…finally…feel free to give me some feedback. No matter if it’s good or bad, no matter if you comment posts on this site, contact me by email or via the various social media channels. I like to hear from you…

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